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Frozen Chicken Exporters

We offer accurate services, specified quality, clean packaging with delivery on time. Our whole frozen chicken are specially hand Slaughtered accordingly to Islamic (HALAL) and international requirements. All shipments of our products to the ports of delivery are quality inspected with a complete custom approval policy for all goods on board insured and covered with an insurance policy.

Fresh and Frozen Safe for human consumption Storage, loading and
transportation system. stored in chill rooms for early dispatch or
frozen and stored for dispatch as required Loading is made in
refrigerated pallets, containing in each pallet 1MT/1000kg.

-Our method of packaging, Protects the product from contamination, damage and moisture loss and spoilage by micro-organisms.

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A fresh whole or fresh frozen bird, neck and feet removed. No giblets inside bird. Fresh chicken can be supplied untrussed, trussed or trussed and bagged. All frozen chicken are trussed, bagged and individually labeled
Labeling Specification
Product Description
Product Weight
Use By Date
Storage Instructions
Shelf Life – 10 Days from Kill Date
If Frozen 24 Months.
Additional Information
Alternative specifications available on request
Weight Range
Weight ranges from 1.0kg – 3.0kg.
Packing Specification
1.0 -1.4  10 per box
1.5 – 2.3  8 per box
2.4 – 3.0  6 per box
Fresh and Frozen